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YI Advisory Committees Tell Us What’s Up

By Jasmine Hicks

Young Invincibles met some incredible young people on our Campaign For Young America Bus Tour.  Since then, we’ve built state advisory committees that many of them have joined.  These committees constantly update us on both what’s going on and what we should be working on.  We wanted to highlight their awesome work, so here’s our first advisory committee member spotlight!

Meet Brian Kennedy.

Brian hails from Charlottesville, VA. He graduated in 2012 from North Carolina Central as a Political Science major.  This fall, he will be working for Teach for America in Charlotte. We met Brian while we were in North Carolina on the bus tour.

Young Invincibles: How are you changing your community?

Brian: First, I think that it’s important to become an active member in your community and understand why obstacles exist and how those affected by obstacles perceive them.

I want to work with those affected by such obstacles to develop sustainable change that is led by community members. 

What do you think is the biggest issue facing young people today?

I don’t think that we as young people understand our value and the power that we possess. A lot of negative stereotypes are placed on young people that inhibit what we are able to do.

How was the Campaign for Young America Bus Tour helpful to you and your campus?

It reminded young people of the strength that we have as a community.  I realized that there are a lot of problems that young people can fix with our own ideas and we don’t have to wait for “experts”. It got us motivated and energized to fix some of the issues.

What does your future hold?

I want to be involved in a larger movement for our generation that I can look back in 50-60 years and say that I used my voice to make real change.

Want to learn more?  Here are 3 Fast Facts about Brian.

  • Role Model: My dad
  • Dream Job: the President of Earth
  • Favorite Book: 1984



Thanks Brian, and good luck in the classroom this fall!