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Y.I. Want Change

 Young America’s Take on Health Care Reform

Real health care reform for young Americans means coverage that is affordable, competitive, continuous, comprehensive and fair.

  1. Ensure Affordability by Capping Premiums for Low-Income Americans at 8% of Income and Setting Out-of-Pocket Limits
  2. Allow Young People to Stay On Their Parent’s Health Coverage until Age 26
  3. Ensure That Any “Young Invincible” Plan Covers Preventive and Chronic Care and Limits Out-Of-Pocket Medical Expenses
  4. Include a Public Option to Provide Greater Choice for Young Americans
  5. Ensure Affordable Access to Health Insurance Exchange Plans for Young Americans
  6. Prohibit Discrimination in the Provision of Health Insurance
  7. Include Funding to Provide Education and Workforce Training to Young Americans

Click here to view The Y.I. Care Policy Agenda