Our Mission

Young Invincibles’ mission is to amplify the voices of young adults in the political process and expand economic opportunity for our generation.

Our Values

Entrepreneurship. Our work is infused with an entrepreneurial spirit. We take initiative, remain optimistic in the face of challenges, and constantly seek opportunities to drive change. 

Young adult leadership. We believe in young people’s ability to lead social change. Developing leadership is essential to having our voices heard. We listen actively to each other’s ideas, invest in growing people, pursue bold goals, and hold ourselves accountable to the high standards we set.

Diversity. Diversity is essential to our work. Building a diverse team makes us more dynamic, creative, and better positioned to connect with young people across the country. We value the perspectives of young people from diverse communities including race, ethnicity, creed, sex, gender identity, national origin, citizenship status, religion, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status, linguistic characteristics, and geographic background. 

Getting it right. Everything we produce is excellent, thorough, and reliable. We make decisions guided by the voices of young people, our values, and the best data available. We do not let conventional wisdom or rigid ideology hamper fact finding and clear thinking. 

Relentless drive for impact. We are driven to make a difference and grateful for the opportunity. We work hard, with intensity and determination, knowing that we must overcome many structural barriers to ensure young people have a voice in our political process. 

Teamwork. We care about each other and accomplishing our goals together. We take joy in working together and value each other’s unique talents and contributions to furthering our mission.