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Where are America’s Uninsured Young People?

By Tom Allison

In just three months, the first state health insurance marketplaces created by the Affordable Care Act will open, and millions of uninsured Americans will have the opportunity to purchase more comprehensive, more affordable coverage, often with the help of new tax credits.

With the deadline for enrollment looming, Young Invincibles is dedicated to making sure young people know their options and understand how to get covered.

Nationally, over 19 million 18 to 34 year olds are uninsured. Young people lack coverage more than any other age group group, making up 42% of the estimated 45 million uninsured nationwide.

That’s why we’re launching the Healthy Young America Campaign. We’ve done extensive research on insurance rates in every state of the nation and put together fact sheets for advocates to get the word out and make sure young people sign up for health insurance. We have a growing list of frequently asked questions and developed an app to help young people find coverage and health services.

To bring together all of our research, we created this interactive map of insurance rates among 18-34 year olds. How do the states stack up? Massachusetts has the lowest rate (not surprising considering they passed a health reform law years ago).

But for those looking to enroll as many people as possible, showing the raw numbers of uninsured youth is useful as well. California leads the nation with over 2.8 million uninsured young people.

Whether you’re a local non-profit looking to enroll young people your state, a state looking for outreach methods to reach their youth population, or a young person looking for information on your options, we want Healthy Young America to be a resource for you.