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Unprecedented Show of Generational Unity Amidst Election Division

October 15, 2020
Contact: Juan Ramiro Sarmiento
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Unprecedented Show of Generational Unity Amidst Election Division

Washington, DC — BridgeUSA has launched the bipartisan Generation Roundtable to convene youth-led organizations and activists in declaring that Climate Change, Economic Mobility, and Democracy Reform deserve action from politicians and stakeholders now before they threaten the prosperity of the future of this country. The Roundtable is reclaiming these three issues not as partisan issues, but as generational issues.

The bipartisan Generation Roundtable initiative brings together Benji Backer, President and Founder of the American Conservation Coalition; Andrew Brennan, Chairperson of Seek Common Ground and Fellow at National Geographic; Daniel Di Martino, Economist and Activist; Jesse Barba, Senior Director of External Affairs at Young Invincibles; Alexandra Hudson, Writer on Civility; and Maria Yuan, Founder of IssueVoter.

After witnessing the increasing polarization of both our governments and our civil society preventing any decisive action, the Generation Roundtable will reframe climate change, economic mobility, and democracy reform through our shared values and aspirations instead of our differences. As the most racially and ethnically diverse generations in American history, young Americans understand the intersections of identity and politics, and the need to find commonalities amid our differences in order to create change.

In response, Jesse Barba, Senior Director of External Affairs for Young Invincibles, issued the following statement.

“Young people want solutions now. They don’t care who gets the credit or what political affiliation one represents. Only by working from a foundation of shared values can we build a stable, healthy, and thriving society. Young people are already doing the work and will continue to push forward because we understand that no one is coming to save us – we will save ourselves. Young Invincibles is proud to join Gen Roundtable to form bipartisan solutions that center young people and their lived experiences.”

“The Generation Roundtable gives tomorrow’s leaders a seat at the table today. Despite our country’s failures, the American story has always been one of hope and optimism supercharged by youth activism. The Roundtable is our way of embracing the American story to create unified thought leadership around issues that matter to young people.” – Manu Meel, BridgeUSA CEO

The group will work together to achieve a future where climate change is mitigated, everyone has the opportunity to prosper economically, and our democracy lives up to its fullest potential. The full Generation Roundtable Declaration can be read and signed here.