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Today’s Students in Colorado

Students’ and families’ difficulty affording college remains the most significant barrier in their pursuit of higher education. Affordability is a concern for all kinds of students, including the young adults who go directly out of high school. But the cost of college could be especially prohibitive for certain groups of students: student parents, working students, students who return to school later in life, and students who face housing insecurity.

Through our research we show the diversity of today’s student population, and apply one definition of affordability to all institutions in the state, for these different groups of students. We employ Lumina Foundation’s affordability benchmark, known as The Rule of 10, and data from the U.S. Census, we determined the affordability of the institutions in Colorado. Learn more in detail through the fact sheets below:

Housing Insecure Students in Colorado

Student Parents in Colorado

Returning Students in Colorado

Working Students in Colorado