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The Struggle is REAL

By Maria Beltran

When my group of friends and I graduated from college over a year ago, we thought we were set. We had so many hopes for the future and thought we were about to take the world by a storm.

Little did we know that half of all recent college grads under 25 are jobless or underemployed. But we aren’t the only young adults unemployed – in fact, comparatively, college grads are doing better than those who never attended schools past high school.

So, who is unemployed in California?

  • 15.1% of 25 to 34 years olds with a High School degree
  • 11% of 25 to 34 years olds with an Associate’s degree
  • 7.9% of 25 to 34 years olds with a Bachelor’s degree

What do these stats mean? Getting a degree helps and reduces your chance of being unemployed.  Yet, the recession is showing us that even though it’s easier to find a job with a degree, the struggle is still real for young adults throughout the country.


“Why can’t I find a job? When will I be able to use my degree?” are common questions young adults from our generation are asking themselves daily in this economy.


So, what can we do about it?

As an organization founded on the mission to amplify the voices of our generation, Young Invincibles has launched a national Jobs Tour to highlight programs throughout the country that are training members of our generation to be active participants in our society’s workforce.

The Jobs Tour is meant to help bring this issue to the attention of the public at large, including policymakers and stakeholders.

Want to get involved?

Visit our Jobs Tour website and learn about events happening in your area. We are here to voice your concerns so let us know your suggestions, recommendations, & concerns!