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Texas: Young Invincibles Testifies on the Importance of Health Coverage for Young Adults

This afternoon, YI’s Rebecca Fowler testified before Texas’ Senate Committee on Health and Human Services about the impact of expanding health coverage to over one million uninsured young adults in Texas. In addition to relaying in-depth research about how who remains uninsured in Texas, she also outlined important information about how being uninsured particularly harms the economic, physical and mental health of young adults.

Rebecca also discussed her personal experience working with young adults who fall in the coverage gap, testifying that “[T]he students I’ve met while touring community colleges in the Houston area would likely have to leave school if they got a big doctor’s bill. Texas can’t afford to let them grow up unable to get the skills needed for today’s jobs.”

Click here to read her full remarks. Want more information on what closing the coverage gap would mean for young Texans? Check out our fact sheet here!

Becky testifying