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What is a Student Level Data Network?: New Resources

A Student Level Data Network could be a powerful tool for putting information about outcomes at schools into the hands of prospective students. Check out our two new factsheets:
Student Level Data Network – What it is & isn’t – For most students, pursuing a college education produces a positive return on their investment. But while college may be worth it on average, students don’t have answers to crucial questions like which programs at which institutions provide a low cost and high-quality education, that lead to the jobs students want. We could answer those questions with a Student Level Data Network (SLDN).
Student Level Data Network – Privacy and Security – Students are asked to take on tens of thousands of dollars in student loans, with little confidence whether the program they attend will position them to pay off that debt. By following privacy and security guidelines, student data can safely be used to empower our nation’s students to reach their highest potential, in college and beyond.