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Staff Directory

Please find a full list of our staff below. For our bios, please see Our Team page.

National Office (Washington D.C.)

  • Rachel Fleischer, Executive Director
  • Allie Aguilera, Policy and Government Affairs Manager
  • Mouhamed Alem, Senior Director of Finance and Operations
  • Tom Allison, Deputy Director of Policy & Research
  • Spencer Dixon, Partnerships Coordinator
  • Allison Dreyer, Development Manager
  • Heidi Girder, Senior Director of Development
  • Erin Hemlin, Director of Training and Consumer Education
  • Greg Hirschfeld, Research and Partnerships Associate
  • Treymayne Jackson, Senior Coordinator of Finance & Operations
  • Kate Londen, Deputy Digital Director
  • Phelan O’Neil, Connector Training Manager
  • Paydon Miller, Press Secretary
  • Aylia Naqvi, HR and Operations Director
  • Alexander Pryor, Digital Communications Coordinator
  • Kathryn Quintin, Partnerships Manager
  • Elena Sakopoulos, Deputy Field Director
  • Sarah Schultz, Communications Director
  • Reid Setzer, Government Affairs Director
  • Maani Stewart, National Training and Consumer Education Manager
  • Clarissa Unger, Director of Civic Engagement
  • Manfred Veizaga, Communications Coordinator

Western Office

  • Gustavo Herrera, West Coast Director
  • Kristin McGuire, Western Director of Partnerships & Organizing

Rocky Mountain Office

  • Christina Postolowski, Rocky Mountain Regional Director

Midwest Office

  • Troy Alim, Midwest Organizer
  • Yusuf Vidal, Midwest Organizing Manager
  • Erin Steva, Midwest Director

Northeast Office

  • Melanie Kruvelis, Northeast Policy Analyst
  • Marissa Martin, Northeast Regional Director

Southern Office

  • Fedora Galasso, Southern Director
  • Aurora Harris, Deputy Director of Partnerships and Organizing