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Staff Directory

Please find a full list of our staff below. For our bios, please see Our Team page.

National Office (Washington D.C.)

  • Kristin McGuire, Executive Director
  • Dy Brown, Deputy Director
  • Stanley Augustin, Content Strategy Program Manager
  • Tonia Brown, Finance and Operations Manager
  • Allison Dreyer, Senior Development Manager
  • Matthew Eckel, Director of Policy Research
  • Ernest Ezeugo, Higher Education and Workforce Policy & Advocacy Director
  • Benicia Garcia, Digital Communications Coordinator
  • Heidi Gider, Senior Director of Development
  • Samer Hassan, Storytelling and Engagement Manager
  • Treymayne Jackson, Senior Director of Finance and Operations
  • Noah Johnson, Senior Finance Coordinator
  • Mervyn Jones, Senior Director of External Affairs
  • Emily Kong, Digital Communications Manager
  • Kate Londen, Communications Director
  • Alexander Lundrigan, Workforce Policy Coordinator
  • Joanna Ostroot, Development Coordinator
  • Juan Ramiro Sarmiento, Media Manager
  • Mina Schultz, ACA Outreach and Enrollment Program Manager
  • Yazmir Torres, Senior HR and Operations Coordinator
  • Jocelyn Ursin, HR Manager
  • Iesha Young, VA Engagement Manager

Western Office

  • Sarah Bouabibsa, West Advocacy Manager
  • Jennifer Cardenas, California COVID Outreach Specialist
  • Chynna Lloyd, Western Program Coordinator
  • Ruth Sosa Martinez, Engagement Coordinator

Rocky Mountain Office

  • Kyra deGruy Kennedy, Rocky Mountain Director
  • Sarah Staron, Rocky Mountain Policy Coordinator
  • Cameron Vigil, Rocky Mountain Engagement Manager

Midwest Office

  • Troy Alim, Engagement Manager
  • Jorge Arteaga, Midwest Program Manager
  • Jocelyn Bravo, Illinois COVID Outreach Specialist
  • Hannah Keller, Midwest Policy Manager
  • Lily Rocha, Midwest Director

Northeast Office

  • Ashly Huerta, Policy Coordinator
  • Sean Miller, Northeast Regional Director
  • Lisa Nishimura, Northeast Engagement Coordinator

Southern Office

  • Aurora Harris, Southern Regional Director 
  • Christina Long, Senior Southern Policy Manager
  • Greg Norwood, Engagement Manager