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Senate Calls for Special Enrollment Window for Pregnant Women


March 3, 2015

Sarah Lovenheim,
Colin Seeberger,

On the heels of more than three dozen U.S. senators sending a letter to the Department of Health and Human Services to urge a special enrollment period for pregnant women who lack maternity coverage, Young Invincibles has issued the following response from Christina Postolowski, health policy manager and author of the report, Without Maternity Coverage:

“We’re thrilled to see a growing chorus of leaders, including 37 U.S. Senators, call on the Administration to make maternity coverage available to pregnant women year-round. It’s unacceptable that pregnant women without maternity coverage could face more than $23,000 in medical costs – or worse, suffer severe health consequences or death.”

For further background, please see the attached infographic that highlights the financial and health consequences facing pregnant women who lack pre-natal care today. Christina Postolowski is available to discuss our lobby efforts and research findings on this issue as well, as outlined in her report, Without Maternity Coverage.