YI Rocky Mountain is a leader in creating economic opportunity for young adults by amplifying their voices in the political process. We pass state policies and initiatives, and train diverse cohorts of young adults to effectively advocate for their community’s needs. We focus primarily on health care, higher education, basic needs, civic engagement, and the workforce. YI is committed to expanding opportunities for young adults from low-income and historically underrepresented communities.

  • Developed the Healthy’. Minds and Hunger Free Campus Checklists ensuring Colorado students get access to mental health care and healthy food on their campuses
  • Developed the SNAP Ambassador Program to expand community college students’ access to food;
  • Worked with partners to develop Evokate, a tool for young adults who are passionate about intersectional issues related to mental health and want to advocate for change
  • Developed a mental health advocacy toolkit to engage young adults, from marginalized and underrepresented backgrounds, in a process of understanding effective advocacy;
  • Produced multiple policy and research products related to achieving gender equity in Colorado apprenticeships, a policy roadmap for supporting student parents, recommendations for increasing young adult use of preventive health care services. and Women in the Workforce
  • Manage a Youth Advisory Board with young adults across the state, ensuring that our work consistently supports our mission while providing young adults the opportunity to weigh in on our current and upcoming work