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President Trump Must Respect the Legislative Process on DACA

February 14, 2018
Contact: Sarah Schultz,, 202.734.6510

[Washington] — Last night, on the second day of debate toward a DACA/DREAMer solution in the Senate, a news report surfaced that quotes a senior official from the White House doubling down on the President’s hardline immigration agenda and threatening to veto a compromise deal, even as negotiations are ongoing.

Allie Aguilera, Young Invincibles’ Policy and Government Affairs Manager, said the following regarding the importance of of the legislative process currently underway and the President’s role in supporting it:

“We are at a crucial point in the legislative process that will finally address the DREAMer crisis. If, after weeks of negotiations and years of waiting for many young immigrants, President Trump uses his veto power to strike down a bipartisan deal, the message would be clear: the President is not interested in solving the crisis he created and never intended to find a permanent solution for the DREAMers he let down on September 5th. His late night threat, via a “senior official,” to veto a deal is not only cruel and counterproductive to negotiations, but shows a total disregard for the legislative process that he demanded when he rescinded DACA.

DREAMers are not going away, and neither are the majority of Americans in support of making sure this country does right by them. The President has a responsibility to heed the call of the American people and sign a compromise on this issue when it comes to his desk.”