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The Path Forward: A Bold Policy Agenda for Young People, by Young People

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It is increasingly clear our era will be defined by the period before Covid-19 and the new normal that will emerge in its wake. The global pandemic revealed outdated and weakened public policy frameworks; economic and health care injustices; and a public reckoning of racial inequities. To make a meaningful shift in our country’s approach to policy, our leaders must build an agenda that tackles the root causes of today’s problems; envisions a new model for policymaking that is grounded in an inclusive, diverse, and equity-oriented worldview; and creates policy solutions to promote broadly shared prosperity. And that agenda must center young people.

The Path Forward was not just developed for young people. It was developed by young people. We, at Young Invincibles, believe that lasting social change is created by empowering local young adult leaders with deep community ties who can design and drive the work. That’s the underpinning for this entire set of policy recommendations. 

We do not know yet what the future will look like — but it is certain that the path forward must be different both for the institutions and systems serving young people and the policy choices we pursue to ensure broadly shared prosperity.

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