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Pandemic Poems Fosters Creative Outlet To Discuss Pandemic Impact On Young Adults

March 27, 2023
Contact: Emma Bittner
(972) 510-3395 |

Pandemic Poems Fosters Creative Outlet To Discuss Pandemic Impact On Young Adults

(Brooklyn, NY) – Saturday, Young Invincible’s New York office hosted Pandemic Poems, an artivism event powered by the Generation Vaxxed campaign. The event included a beginner-friendly creative writing workshop emphasizing storytelling, facilitated by two artists from Urban Word, about the impacts of all aspects of the pandemic.

Artists presented their poems that addressed themes such as the impact of COVID-19, health, mental wellness, or the current state of our country to the group after the workshop. The event allowed participants to express their thoughts and want for change uniquely, combining art and activism.

In response, Brooke Robinson, New York Outreach Coordinator at Young Invincibles said:

“Written word is an extremely powerful tool to express our feelings. Since the beginning of the pandemic three years ago, many of us have bottled our thoughts and emotions with no way to express them. Pandemic Poems not only allowed young New Yorkers to share those thoughts but also helped give them the tools and resources to do it in a way we don’t typically reach for.

The workshop brought young adults together in an intimate community setting, allowing for a safe space for many to tell stories they hadn’t shared before. From emotional stories to outlining necessary policy changes, Pandemic Poems brought art and activism together in a way that highlighted what young adults care about. I am excited to see how these young adults continue to use their voice to call for change in creative ways.” 


Young Invincibles (YI) is a national advocacy and policy nonprofit organization focused on amplifying the voice of young people in the political process at the local, state, and federal levels. YI focuses on issues impacting young adults ages 18 to 34 in higher education, health care, economic security, and civic engagement. Our offices include Washington, D.C., California, Colorado, Illinois, New York, and Texas. For more information, please contact Emma Bittner at (972) 510-3395 or