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OE9 Outreach and Enrollment Planning Summit

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, the outreach and enrollment community has made incredible strides in adapting its work to a socially-distanced world. From the first virtual Open Enrollment Period in 2020, to a six-month Special Enrollment Period, to newly expanded financial help, a lot has changed! That’s why YI hosted the 2021 Outreach and Enrollment Planning Summit – to bring together the outreach and enrollment community to prepare for Open Enrollment 9. Summit attendees heard about lessons learned, strategized for the upcoming Open Enrollment Period, and connected with members of the outreach and enrollment community from across the country. 

Over the course of the two-day summit, national policy experts and seasoned assisters shared their knowledge and perspectives on diverse topics, from outreach best practices to policy to assisting communities that face unique barriers to coverage. Below, you can find recordings of the individual summit sessions to inform and inspire your work. 


Summit Kickoff

Welcome to the 2021 O&E Planning Summit! This short introduction featured a keynote address from CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, and a few words from Young Invincibles’ new Executive Director, Kristin McGuire.


Looking Ahead: The OE9 Landscape 

Policy changes impacting the work of assisters have happened at a rapid pace this year. YI’s Director of Health Policy and Advocacy, Erin Hemlin, provides an update on where things stand, and examines what lies ahead. 

On The Ground

On the Ground: Assister Reflections on the Past, Present, and Future of Enrollment Work

Over the last 18 months, assisters have seen more changes to their work than in the past seven years. In this session, seasoned assisters share tips on how assisters can set themselves, and their consumers, up for a successful enrollment appointment, as well as how to identify and respond to common challenges.

Breaking Down

Breaking Down Barriers: Addressing the Coverage Needs of Communities of Focus

While all communities benefit from outreach, education, and enrollment assistance, some experience additional barriers to accessing coverage and care. Panelists discuss the challenges these communities face, and strategies for providing effective and culturally competent outreach and enrollment help.

Maximizing Resources for a Productive Program

The assister community has seen drastic fluctuations in funding over the last several years. Whether you are a new Navigator program, or are seeing a change to your funding this year, this session offers information and ideas on how to make the most of the resources available this year.

Get Covered Connector

Get Covered Connector 2021 Preview

For years, the Connector has been helping consumers find expert enrollment assistance in their communities. Join us for a look at how the Connector is evolving to meet the needs of consumers and assisters in an increasingly virtual world.


Trusted Messengers: Connecting Enrollment with COVID Outreach

Given their deep ties to their communities, assisters have been trusted messengers for important health information for years. Panelists in this session discuss how assisters are uniquely positioned to incorporate COVID vaccine and testing outreach into their work, and leave you with ideas for reaching consumers with essential vaccine and testing information.

Getting The Word

Getting the Word Out: Outreach Best Practices

With recent changes to how people access health coverage and financial help, outreach has become more important than ever. This panel explores strategies for getting the message out, both virtually and in person, about the health coverage options now available. 

Getting Technical

Getting Technical: Updates on the Enrollment Process 

2021 has seen a lot of changes when it comes to how people access health coverage. Here, speakers provide an OE9 marketplace update and a review of the enrollment process itself.

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For more information about Young Invincibles’ outreach and enrollment work, and the National Get Covered Coalition, contact Mina Schultz,

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