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New York Young Advocates Campaign Projects

2024 Spring Campaign Projects


On May 3rd, the Spring 2024 New York Young Advocates Program reached its pinnacle as the Young Advocates presented their impactful campaign work. Their presentations highlighted the urgent need to address issues on equitable pathways to higher education, access to basic needs, and health care for NY young adults. Through a compelling blend of storytelling and research, Advocates provided policy recommendations that aim to establish a sustainable and just NY. Their work is a testament to their commitment to creating an environment where all young adults across the state can thrive. 

Video Chapters:
College Basic Needs Campaign Group
Higher Education Campaign Group
Health Care Campaign Group

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Living in New York continues to be an immense burden for college students. With inflation only increasing and the cost of essential needs skyrocketing, it’s no surprise that NY young adults are faced with juggling competing priorities for their survival. New York and higher education institutions such as CUNY and SUNY, which primarily serve low-income students of color, need to hear directly from students and implement effective solutions to address the hunger and housing crisis plaguing hundreds of thousands of college students. 

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The passing of Universal FAFSA is a significant step forward toward an equitable pathway to higher education for NY young adults. However, there is much more to ensure attaining a higher education is available to everyone. College credit opportunities such as Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and dual enrollment courses have proven to be a monumental springboard in making the dream of attending college a tangible reality. 

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Health insurance provides vital access to services that allow one to maintain one’s physical, mental, and emotional health. Yet young adults are the most likely, compared to any other age group, to be uninsured. Paying out-of-pocket for health services is unrealistic, given the average American adult also struggles to pay medical bills and is likely to accumulate medical debt, affecting millions of Americans nationwide. Health care should be a guaranteed human right, a roadmap to a healthy society for all.


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