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National Youth Enrollment Day (January 21, 2016)!

1 in 5 young adults don’t have health care. That’s not okay with us. We bet it’s not okay with you, either.

On January 21st, Young Invincibles, Enroll America and lots of other organizations will be participating in National Youth Enrollment Day – a huge day of action to educate young adults on the importance of having health insurance. We also want to inform Millennials about new health care options through the health insurance marketplaces! Want to help us get more young adults covered? It’s easy!

1. Sign up! Commit to helping young America get covered!

2. Act up! Once you sign up, you’ll be a directed to a page to give you ideas on what to do on January 21st – you could host an event, or attend one in your area!

3. Tell people what’s up! Use social media to get the word out to your networks! Here are some graphics we put together that are fun and easy to share. Simply click them and share them from Facebook or Tweet them out! Make sure you use #YoEnroll when doing so, too!

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