Meet our National Youth Advisory Board


Alex Soltany

Why did you join the Youth Advisory Board?I’m excited to join the NYAB for a second term and continue to collaborate with a passionate group of like-minded peers on a wide range of initiatives to improve the lives of fellow young adults across the country. As a current medical student, I am especially eager to advocate for meaningful health care reform that will enhance quality and access for young people and their families.


Zane Landin

Why did you join the Youth Advisory Board?I joined the NYAB to make an impactful, positive difference on young adults across the nation and become more familiar with progressive policy to act on what our communities can be doing right now to ensure we can all lead and navigate the world without obstacles and barriers.


Nicholas Richard-Thompson

Why did you join the Youth Advisory Board? I joined the NYAB to learn from and grow with other passionate organizers. I believe it is people and movements that change circumstances and that progress is achieved through mass struggle. So organizations such as YI are critical to enacting substantive, lasting change. As Malcolm X says, “We are not outnumbered. We are out-organized.”


Kaylyn Goode

Why did you join the Youth Advisory Board?I joined the NYAB because I hope to see the change I have been protesting for since June 2020 be reflected in legislation. I look forward to advocating for young people across the nation from every walk of life.


Greg Norwood

Why did you join the Youth Advisory Board?As the proud son of a mother who is a school cook and a father who is a truck driver, a brother to a sister with diabetes, and a brother with significant mental deficiencies; As a first-generation college student trying to traverse the tricky overpriced underfunded higher education system, each of the policy issues YI addresses aren’t external issues that I have no experience with. They are deeply personal issues that I have committed my time and talent to solving. I am grateful to be able to continue this work on a federal level as a newly appointed member of the National Youth Advisory Board.


Kaream Reid

Why did you join the Youth Advisory Board? Being an activist has been an incredible learning experience for me, and I have been able to achieve so much, but there is only so much I can do by myself. I joined YI’s NYAB because I want to work with others who are just as passionate as me about bringing the positive change to our world that we so desperately need.


Jennifer Cardenas

Why did you join the Youth Advisory Board?I am committed to the advocacy, organizing, and liberation of oppressed communities. As a non-traditional, first-generation student, I have seen how economic disparities make it almost impossible to access higher education. Getting involved with YI will allow us as students and young adults to advocate for ourselves and our communities.

Alyssa Casias

Why did you join the Youth Advisory Board? Alyssa is a 24 year old Latina from Pueblo, CO. She has a BA in Sociology with a concentration in Criminology/Criminal Justice from Colorado State University. Her passions include advocacy, mentorship, cooking, and playing with her dog Kenai. Alyssa has a passion for accessible and holistic mental health, gender equality, racial equality, and equitable access to quality higher education. Alyssa has been a part of the YI family for three years and is extremely excited for what this year will bring.