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Mobilizing Young Adults, One Mobile App At A Time

By Karen Hu

When I first got my smart phone, a whole new world opened up to me. I resisted smart phones for a long time, denouncing it as extravagant and something for “yuppies.” Eventually, after nearly 50% of the country’s population went over to the dark side, I caved.

I quickly realized mobile applications (apps) could be useful in both small and significant ways. There’s my app for checking the weather every morning, the DC Rider app for metro and train alerts and Flipboard, to catch me up to speed on various news of the day. Oh, and let’s not forget Angry Birds for the long commute home.

In addition to entertainment and convenience, mobile apps can be an invaluable heath resource.The Red Cross has an app for first aid procedures for various types of injuries.  Mobile apps are a great way for organizations to reach groups across demographics.

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Using mobile apps to reach young adults, particularly from typically hard-to-reach communities, is awesome because:

  • Two-thirds of young adults between 18 and 29 have smartphones.
  • Individuals with an annual household income under $50,000 are more likely than those with higher levels of income as their primary source of online browsing.
  • Individuals with high school diplomas are also more likely than those with postsecondary education to use their phones as the primary source of internet access.
  • Diverse groups of people use them.  Almost 50% of Black and Hispanic Americans own smartphones.

With that in mind, this fall, Young Invincibles is launching Health Care Finder in LA. The information is targeted at particular parts of LA but useful to everyone in the area. People can use this app to:

  • Find free or low cost clinics near their neighborhoods
  • Learn how the Affordable Care Act impacts them
  • Navigate common insurance terms and health care conditions
  • Play an adorable game while sitting in the doctor’s waiting area

Unlike the old days, information is just a few taps away. With this mobile app, young adults in LA can learn about health care or find a clinic nearest to them at any time. What are your opinions about the mobile revolutions?