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Millennial Advocates Launch Health App, Empowering Young Adults to Utilize their Health Care Plans

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Sarah Schultz, Young Invincibles
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New York, NY, September 14, 2015Today, Young Invincibles in partnership with The Westchester Community Foundation and The Heckscher Foundation launched a new mobile health app called HealthYI to empower young adults to navigate the health care system. The app helps users find and use nearby health services in their insurance network and educates consumers about health insurance basics.

Since the introduction of the Affordable Care Act, 5.7 million young adults have gained health coverage, and this number is expected to grow with the third season of Open Enrollment beginning in November. Over 200,000 young adults in New York, where HealthYI is being piloted, have gained coverage through the new marketplaces or Medicaid. The newly-insured population disproportionately consists of low-income communities which have historically had little experience in navigating health insurance.

“Providing coverage alone is not enough to empower young adults to take an active role in bettering their health,” said Kevin Stump, Northeast Director of Young Invincibles. “HealthYI demystifies the health care process by putting health in your hands. Now you can just as easily learn what a premium is or find a doctor in your network as you can post a photo on Instagram.”

The HealthYI app guides users through the health care process from beginning to end. It allows users to learn more about which services are included in their insurance network and then book appointments with doctors through a simple-to-use tool. Specifically tailored for Millennials, the app provides a health checklist, a glossary of health care terms, tips for saving money, and information on often complex aspects of using health services, like how to understand a medical bill. Users can also submit any personal question about their health care coverage or needs and receive an answer within 48 hours.

“To level the playing field for underserved youth in New York City, the Heckscher Foundation seeks practical, innovative solutions to specific challenges. By funding development of this app, we will connect young adults with access and information to promote their long-term health,” said Jake Sloane, a Trustee of the Heckscher Foundation.

“The Foundation is vested in helping young people get access to health care,” said Laura Rossi, executive director of the Westchester Community Foundation, which supported the creation of the app through a grant. “This app is an exciting new approach, and will guarantee that more young adults will become insured and take steps to improve their health.”

The app is available for free download from the app store or Google play store. More information is also available at

About Young Invincibles:

Young Invincibles is a policy and advocacy organization committed to amplifying the voices of Millennials, ages 18 to 34, and expanding economic opportunity for our generation. Young Invincibles ensures that young adults are represented in today’s most pressing societal debates through cutting-edge research and analysis, and innovative campaigns designed to educate, inform and mobilize our generation to change the status quo. For more information about Young Invincibles please visit

About the Westchester Community Foundation:

Westchester Community Foundationwas founded in 1975 to build a permanent source for philanthropy in Westchester County.  Guided by a Board of Advisors composed of community leaders, Westchester Community Foundation provides donors with maximum tax savings, professional staff support, in-depth knowledge of Westchester, and permanence within the community.  Westchester Community Foundation donors benefit from the investment and financial management services of its parent, The New York Community Trust, a 90-year-old institution with assets of more than $2.4 billion.  For more information about the Westchester Community Foundation, please, or call (914) 948-5166.

About The Heckscher Foundation:

The Heckscher Foundation was founded in 1921 to promote the welfare of children in New York and elsewhere throughout the United States. Today, it provides grants to youth-serving organizations in the fields of education, family services, child welfare, health, arts and recreation. The primary aim of the Heckscher Foundation’s grantmaking is to “level the playing field” for underserved youth by providing access to education and the varied experiences that make for a richer, forward-reaching life. It’s goal is to foster venture philanthropy using three principal funding strategies: catalytic giving, strategic partnerships and targeted problem solving. For more information about The Heckscher Foundation please visit