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Mental Health Poetry Competition

VA Mental Health Poetry Contest Webpage

Voting is open for Young Invincibles’ Mental Health Poetry Competition! Each poem portrays how mental health impacts young adults. It is not a requirement to have or share a personal story. Voting will be open to the public until Friday, June 17th.


  • 1st place winner: $250 gift card
  • 2nd place winner: $150 gift card 
  • 3rd place winner: $75 gift card 

View our top four poems below (click the image for full-screen) and cast your vote at the bottom of the page! Any questions can be directed to

Poem 1: Fear by Sandi Bangura (she/her/hers)

Fear. by Sandi Bangura 1

Poem 2: Mad Woman by Rebecca Donaldson (she/her/hers)

Mad Women Poem Rebecca Donaldson 1Mad Women Poem Rebecca Donaldson 2

Poem 3: Mental Health Poem by Leah Perez (they/them/theirs/she/her/hers)

mental health poem Leah Perez 1

Poem 4: OCD by Sean B-P (he/him/his)

OCD Sean B P 1

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