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Meet YI Rocky Mountain’s Spring 2023 Young Advocates

Meet the spring advocates and learn why they applied for the Young Advocated Program


Karen Besaves headshotKaren Basaves (she/her/hers)

Aurora, CO

I joined the advocates program to learn more about how to engage in public policy in a way that will be meaningful to my community. I am excited to learn the specifics!




Onnastasia Cole headshotOnnastasia Cole (she/her/hers)

Colorado Springs, CO

I joined the Young Advocates program because I want to help shape a better world and improve the lives of those in my community. Living through so many historical events can make it difficult to envision a better future, and I want to be a part of working toward solutions that can effect positive change and lead to better long-term outcomes for marginalized people. I am interested in learning how to build common ground, work collaboratively with those of different backgrounds, and help more young adults become involved in the political process. I know many people who have become jaded and lost faith in our political system, and I hope to learn how to instill hope and inspire action in those who feel like fighting for change is a lost cause.

Samuel Flores headshotSamuel Flores (he/him/his)

Aurora, CO

I joined the advocates program to create change for communities in need on the policy level, and to expand my understanding of effective health care and health policy. I hope to create change that will benefit disadvantaged and minority communities, and to be a voice for undocumented individuals.



Karen Le headshotKaren Le (she/her/hers)

Wheat Ridge, CO

To learn how to be a better advocate for future students I plan to counsel and guide, and to network with other individuals who work to make a beneficial impact for Colorado youth.



Jilda Nevarez

Jilda Nevarez (she/her/ella)

Fort Collins, CO

I joined the advocates program because I want to be able to effectively contribute to progressive change, and be able to create space for voices that have been silenced. I want to help create everlasting change for our underrepresented communities and YI has many opportunities for this. My experiences as a first generation immigrant and college student taught me that change needs to happen within the political realm to positively impact our communities. YI is creating space for people like myself to have a seat at the table despite our economic, racial, ethnic, etc. backgrounds.

Wren Oldham

Wren Oldham (they/them)

Pueblo, CO

While I’ve always been a very politically-minded person, without the tools to enact meaningful change political discourse can sometimes feel like shouting into the wind. I joined in hopes this program will give me the skills and experience I need to better advocate, both for myself and my community as a disabled person, as well as for other marginalized communities that are currently struggling under oppressive systems. I then hope to use what I learn to assist others who may be looking to get involved. Self-advocacy is such an important tool for marginalized communities, so I’m thrilled to be learning how to be a better advocate, as well as how I might go about inspiring others to advocacy- the more voices we get involved in a movement, the more likely it will result in tangible change.

Dioniso Samora

Dioniso Samora (he/they)

Pueblo, CO

I had the privilege of witnessing first hand the impact that Young Invincibles has on my community, from health to taxes. I can’t wait to educate myself and carry on the legacy of change wherever I might go.




Vashti Trujillo headshot

Vashti Trujillo (she/her/hers)

Pueblo, CO

Why I joined the advocates program is because I saw it as an opportunity to learn more about the politics around me, and learn how I can help my community by getting involved. The program is spoken highly of around me and I am very passionate about the issues YI cares about as well. It was an incredible opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I wanted to sharpen my leadership skills, network with officials, and help my community.


Quincey Williams

Quincey Williams (they/them)

Broomfield, CO

I joined the Young Advocates program, because I want to create positive change in the world. We do not know what problems the future generations will face, so it is our duty not to leave them with the ones we have now!



Isaac Winchester

Isaac Winchester (he/him)

Aurora, CO

A year ago, I heard about the Young Advocates Program through my college. I was immediately intrigued and wanted to participate. I then attended the third annual Changemakers Gala where I heard from participants of the program, leaders within the organization, and other motivational speakers. Something in me felt as though I was “at home” with Young Invincibles. I have thought of that feeling every day since the Gala. The Young Advocates Program is one of a very small number of programs available in which someone with my lived experience will be truly valued for the perspective brought to the table.