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Meet Our 2021 New York City Mayor’s Fellows!

The Mayor’s Fellowship in Policy and Advocacy is a unique program that provides policy and advocacy skills and knowledge to young adults ages 16-24 engaged with the New York City Department of Youth and Community Development’s Advance and Earn program. Throughout the duration of the program, Fellows will provide findings and recommendations to the city in order to increase education and workforce opportunities for today’s young New Yorkers.

Young Invincibles is proud to launch this program and to be working with the following incredible group of young people.

image3Jeremy Acevedo

Jeremy Acevedo is a Mayor’s Fellow through Advance and Earn with Stanley Isaacs Center. He was born in Flushing, Queens, but was raised in Harlem. In this program with YI, Jeremy hopes to learn how youth like himself can address and impact challenges facing his community. He loves connecting with people and putting a smile on someone’s face. Jeremy loves fashion, and hopes to one day become a fashion designer. He is a huge sports fan and follows basketball and football. He also enjoys poetry and listening to meaningful quotes and music.


image5Izzy Dempsey

For Isabel, this program has been a great opportunity to discuss challenges facing youth in NYC and what they can do to help create change. Alongside feeling passionate and inspired to advocate for other young individuals, Isabel loves to spend my time playing music and hanging out with friends. She aspires to have a career in furniture design and the general interior design field, and is currently in the process of starting a portfolio for art school. Isabel looks forward to further reflecting on her own experiences as a young person from New York, and sharing more discussions with her peers about how they can expand opportunities and accessibility!


image2Leilanie Guerrero

Leilanie Guerrero is a Mayor’s Fellow through AHRC in Staten Island. She was born and raised in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and recently relocated to Jackson Heights, Queens. She aspires to do great things in life after getting her HSE, either going into the science field and either becoming a chemist, veterinarian, or electrician. Given her interest in policy and politics, she is also interested in political journalism. In her free time, Leilanie likes playing video games, watching anime, hanging out with friends, and playing with her cats.


image11Quadena Kennedy

Quadena Kennedy (aka Dena) is a Mayor’s Fellow through AHRC, based in Staten Island. Growing up Queer in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn and being a second generation Trinidadian have been experiences that have molded her sense of pride. Since joining YI, Dena has found a new passion in advocacy, and hopes to learn more about how to use her voice to elevate the needs of youth like her. During her leisure, she enjoys helping people and making them feel better. Dena believes that more passionate, caring people need to be in positions of assisting young people with their health, mental health, housing, financial and educational needs. After working in the culinary industry and attaining many accolades, she now hopes to change her career and step into the field of social work.


image10Rickie Martell

Rickie Martell is a Mayor’s Fellow through AHRC, where he is attending the Advance and Earn program in order to acquire his HSE. As a person who looks forward to learning new things, he hopes that YI can give him more knowledge about youth and ways their lives can be improved. For his career, Rickie wants to step foot into the music industry as a music producer. In his spare time, Rickie enjoys spending time with his friends and playing video games, as it helps him to relax.


image1Dainma Martinez

Dainma Martinez is a Mayor’s Fellows under Isaacs Center and is from the Bronx. She aspires to be a forensic pathologist, and through this work she wants to give families the knowledge of the specific circumstances that may have led to the death of their loved ones. Eventually, Dainma hopes to own a funeral home to provide families with the closure and peace they deserve. She sees this program with YI as a way to expand her knowledge base. In the time that Dainma is not working towards her career or at YI, she uses her skills and knowledge to help her community at large.


image4Sabrina Misere

Sabrina Misere is a Mayor’s Fellow through The Door and is from Brooklyn. She left high school due to personal struggles, which almost caused her to give up on her future goals and aspirations. Growing up, Sabrina was constantly told how she would be ‘nothing’ in life, which is something that she battles with constantly. As for her career, she hopes to work in the medical field or be a cosmetologist. Sabrina sees YI as an opportunity to learn more skills for working with youth and gain knowledge of different resources that she can pass on to her family or friends. Her interests revolve around work, school, and staying comfy in her home. In her spare time, Sabrina enjoys listening to music, writing, reading, and watching Netflix and Disney+.


image8 1Enrique Ortiz

Enrique Ortiz sees himself as a passionate person. He feels strongly about helping others and being able to connect with them. Enrique recognizes the power of using his voice in elevating issues and hopes to encourage others to use their own as well. Enrique wants to spread awareness about the topics that he cares about, and most of all, make a change. In his free time, he enjoys bike riding and an occasional trip to the gym.



image7Genesis Rojas

Genesis Rojas is a Mayor’s Fellow through The Door and was raised in Chelsea, Manhattan, but currently resides in the Bronx. She is passionate about singing, dancing, art, and marine biology. For her career, Genesis wants to either be a marine biologist or work in the health care industry. In her free time, she enjoys playing games on their PS4, taking swimming classes, and spending time with her family.



image9Leey Thorpe

Ashley Thorpe is from the Bronx and is a Mayor’s Fellows with The Door, where she is working towards getting her High School Equivalency (HSE). She is excited to be working with YI as she enjoys advocating for the needs of her peers and those within her community. Ashley has a passion for helping others because she sees this as a pathway to a better world for the next generation. In the future, she aspires to be an emergency medical technician, where she can help others in times of crises. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys longboarding and listening to music.


image6Analissa Williams

Analissa is a 24 year old Mayor’s Fellow under AHRC and is from Staten Island. Analissa has a passion for animals and is a strong advocate for animal adoption. She supports local shelters monetarily and by volunteering. As a career, Analissa hopes to own an animal rescue site and husbandry. Along with her love for all animals, Analissa spends her time playing video games, hiking, or making music. Her plans for the future are to attend college in the Midwest, majoring in Animal Husbandry, starting a family and ultimately, being happy!