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From Medieval to Millennial: Building and Marketing Modern, Youth-Oriented Apprenticeship Programs

Apprenticeships increasingly provide valuable opportunities for young adults, but young adult access to and knowledge about apprenticeships remains low.  This report highlights three key misconceptions that Millennials hold about apprenticeships: that apprenticeship programs don’t currently exist in their communities, that apprenticeships don’t pay, and that participating in an apprenticeship means never receiving a college degree.

Based on these misconceptions about apprenticeships, as well as stated job preferences among Millennials, we advance six recommendations for building and branding youth-friendly apprenticeship programs. 

On the programmatic side, we recommend expanding pre-apprenticeship and job shadowing programs, building more apprenticeships that provide the option to receive college credentials, and starting apprentices in cohorts. On the marketing side, we suggest being more explicit about wages, building innovative social media marketing strategies, and using near-peers as ambassadors.  Doing so will both build a broader base of Millennial support for these programs and ensure that those opportunities fit the needs of today’s young people. Read the full report: