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Medicaid Matters to Young People

States are facing major budget deficits as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be felt throughout our economy. With stiff declines in tax revenue, states will have to make tough budget decisions to keep their states afloat. Meanwhile, Medicaid enrollment is expanding — as millions of people lose their jobs and health coverage, and face a slash in income, they will become newly eligible for Medicaid — a lifeline that covers nearly 75 million people nationwide, half of which are children. Over one million new people have gained Medicaid coverage since February, and experts expect that trend to continue to grow over the summer.

Millions of Americans are relying on Medicaid for life-saving medicine, mental health care, and of course, access to COVID-related care should they need it. Congress must fund Medicaid and keep this program afloat for the millions that depend on it. 

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Check out these stories from young people about what Medicaid means to them:

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