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LA2050: A Vote for a Better Tomorrow

By Maria Beltran

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I envision a bright future for our city. I love meeting people from all over the world and mentioning how I am from the chaotic and mysterious City of Angels: a global hub of creativity, diversity, and innovation.

As young people, it’s sometimes hard for us to predict what we’re going to be eating for lunch today, let alone imagine our city so many years from now.  However, as future leaders of our city, if we don’t think about the future, who will?

But we need your help to do that.

LA2050 Contest: Together Shaping the Future of Los Angeles
The Goldhirsh Foundation, in partnership with GOOD Maker, announced the LA2050 Contest, designed to inspire Angelenos to use their current work and innovative ideas to shape a better future for Los Angeles by the year 2050.

Our Plans for LA
Young Invincibles joined the contest and we’re now in the running to win a grant! This year, millions of people across the city will have access to new health care options, like Medicaid and tax credits to buy coverage.

With this grant, we will train young adults from diverse backgrounds to go out into their communities and inform other young adults about health care, new coverage options using our Health Care Finder – Los Angeles mobile app.

This project was designed not only to educate and ensure young adults get covered, but also to provide an opportunity to build the leadership capacity of young adults.

The world of health care is changing this year, and young people cannot afford to be left behind!

A total of 10 innovative and creative projects will win this grant to implement their ideas. YI invites you to read our idea and VOTE for our project. Young leaders are the drivers that our communities need to ensure that everyone gets the care they deserve. Through this project, YI is helping this generation build LA’s leaders for 2050. VOTE for YI’S Young Leaders For A Healthy LA project at before April 17, 2013 at 12pm.

I imagine a future where my younger siblings will have better education, more opportunities, and easier access to health care. Help us make this a reality, and help us achieve a better Los Angeles.