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Judge Blocks Public Charge Rule, Calls it “Repugnant to the American Dream”

Earlier today, a New York federal court granted a preliminary injunction blocking the Trump Administration’s public charge rule from taking effect. The rule would have dramatically broadened the factors taken into account when applying for legal permanent status, treating the use of many public benefit programs like SNAP, public housing, Medicaid, and other programs as negative factors that could contribute to being denied legal permanent status. It was set to go into effect Tuesday, October 15th. 

In response to the court’s decision, Erin Hemlin, Director of Health Policy and Advocacy at Young Invincibles, issued the following statement: 

“Today, a New York federal court summed up what advocates have been saying for months: the Trump administration’s public charge policy is ‘repugnant to the American Dream.’ By temporarily halting the implementation of the rule, the court struck a victory for young immigrants, their families, and our nation’s health. We commend the advocates in New York and nationwide who fought every day to stop this rule, which would have devastating impacts on citizens and non-citizens alike.

This fight is not over, but we hope today’s decision will give our neighbors living in fear and confusion a moment to breathe. While the injunction is temporary, any use of public benefits before the rule goes into effect cannot be used against those who later apply for their green cards. People should continue to use the benefits they are eligible for without fear of retribution.”