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Introducing YI West’s Spring 2023 Young Advocates!

                                          Xinmena Cortez

Ximena Cortez She/Her/Hers

Senior, California State University, Northridge

Ximena Cortez is currently a Senior at California State Northridge majoring in Public Health. She is passionate about being an advocate and leading towards a better change.



Melika Shojaeidel She/Her/HersMelika Shojaeidel

Senior, California State University, Northridge

Melika Shojaeidel is a senior student at the California State University of Northridge. Melika speaks three languages including English, Farsi, and Assyrian, and she is coming from a diverse family and background. Melika has a passion to help organizations that reduce disparities and empower communities to grow healthy using the resources that are available to them.


Nairobi Marie Denise


Nairobi Hilaire They/Them/She

Community Organizer

Nairobi believes in the praxis of community building and ecological justice. They serve their community through abolition work, land-based cultivation, and creative expression. Nairobi lives and learns in Los Angeles while apprenticing to become a land steward. Their joy is to care for all people by growing deeply nutritious fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs.


Eira Klein

Eira Kien She/They

East Los Angeles College, Sophomore

Eira Kien (she/they) is a nontraditional community college student from East Los Angeles College, and is from the Vietnamese and Chinese diaspora. She currently resides in Tongva lands, or in so-called Los Angeles. She currently does mutual aid work with Los Angeles Community Fridges, and is inspired by abolitionist movement-building.



Marco GuballaMarco James Guballa They/Them

UC Davis Graduate

Marco James Guballa is a Young Advocate with Young Invincibles. After graduating from the University of California, Davis with a degree in Biological Psychology and a minor in Education, they look to pursue further opportunities within the field of Health Education and Community Advocacy. Marco aspires to serve communities that have historically been marginalized and deprived of basic needs with hopes of pursuing a M.A. in a Therapy-based practice.


Stephanie ChuquipulStephanie Chuquipul She/Her/Ella

University Of California, Riverside. Class of 2021

Stephanie graduated with a B.A in Economics from the University Of California, Riverside. Stephanie is deeply passionate about mental health accessibility and has worked for the Riverside County advocating for minors and their families to gain access to basic needs and mental health resources. Stephanie wishes to make a bigger impact in her community so she will be pursuing a Masters in Public Policy this upcoming fall 2023.


Guadalupe Morales RodriguezGuadalupe Morales Rodriguez She/Her

UC Irvine, Senior

Although born in Mexico, Guadalupe considers Los Angeles home. As a daughter of immigrants and an immigrant herself, she understands the many obstacles that immigrants face in every aspect of life, from education, workforce, healthcare, to civic engagement. Guadalupe is currently completing the final year to obtain a BA in Political Science and International Studies. Hopes to utilize degree to better help her community increase civic engagements despite the many obstacles.


Francisco ReinaFrancisco “Paco” Reina He/Him/His

UC Berkeley Graduate

Paco Reina is a recent graduate from the University of California, Berkeley with a double major in Media Studies and Sociology. During college, Paco was heavily involved in Filipino-American student organizations dedicated to increasing the recruitment and retention of undeserved communities. He is passionate about uplifting the voices of marginalized communities in higher education, and increasing the accessibility of educational, financial, and mental health resources for young adults. In his free time, Paco enjoys going to the movies, kickboxing, cooking, and watching Sacramento Kings basketball!


Thania MosquedaThania Mosqueda She/Her/Hers

Senior, California State University Long Beach

Thania is a senior at Long Beach State University who is currently studying social work and has just recently joined the Young Advocates Program. Her goal is to continue onto graduate school to complete her Master’s of Social Work and work towards making healthcare accessible for all.



AMari Truby McKayA’Mari Truby-McKay She/Her/Hers

2nd Year Masters of Public Policy Candidate, University of California, Riverside

A’Mari Truby-McKay is a second-year Masters of Public Policy candidate with research concentrations in Health Policy, Social Policy, and Inequality. A’Mari’s first and second-hand experiences of underrepresentation and discrimination in healthcare contribute to her motivation for this work. A’Mari hopes to serve as a voice for the BIPOC community, and reduce inequality within the economy, healthcare, and the education system.


Angela HernandezAngela Hernandez She/Her/Hers

Junior, University of California Los Angeles

Angela is a third-year History major at the University of California, Los Angeles. She is pursuing a career in Educational Policy in Los Angeles. She grew up right outside of Los Angeles, in Montebello, California. Angela is passionate about advocating for social justice, education, and equity for underrepresented communities. In hopes of integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion into higher education. In her free time, she enjoys reading fictional books and watching new Netflix series.


Kiara CardenasAshley Cardenas She/Her/Hers


Ashley Cardenas is a fellow based in the central valley, specifically Merced, California. She is a first-generation Mexican/Salvadoran woman passionate about reducing high poverty rates and social injustices in marginalized communities. She has previously been a team lead for Power California Action. The organization empowers young people to get politically involved, take the initiative, and participate in conversations from which they have been excluded. She believes one must lead with compassion, to be the good one wishes to see in the world.


Zaineb MokeddemZaineb Mokeddem She/Her/Hers

Freshman, American River College

Zaineb Mokeddem is a first-year psychology major at American River College in Sacramento, California. She is someone who loves to dive into new tasks, challenge herself, and gain new skills. Some of her life goals and aspirations are to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in child development, become a teacher, and be able to give back to her local community.



Jesse LeonJesse Leon He/Him/His

Junior, Sacramento State

Jesse Leon is a current transfer student attending Sacramento State and majoring in Political Science. He hopes to seeking opportunities to help and better advocate for Latinx and other disadvantaged students succeed.