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If I left my parent’s plan, how do I rejoin?

Talk to the insurance company or a plan administrator. If your parent has insurance through a job, the best person is usually in the Human Resources department. You or your parent will need to fill out forms with your contact info and, possibly, health information. If you qualify, you will receive an insurance card in the mail with info about your plan.

Heads up:

  • Many plans have an “open-enrollment” period before the New Year, and start coverage on January 1st. If you don’t sign up then, you’ll normally have to wait until the next year, unless you have a “qualifying event” that lets you enroll sooner.
  • If your student health plan (or other coverage) is ending, you should sign up for your parent’s insurance within 30 days. Losing insurance is known as a “qualifying event” that allows you to join a parent’s employer-sponsored plan right away.