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Hundreds of Thousands Of Young Californians Still Excluded From Affordable Care Act Benefits

Young Invincibles’ Releases Its Open Enrollment Game Plan To Educate Young Immigrants About Their Health Care Options, And Push Lawmakers To Expand Coverage For All Young Californians

November 20, 2014

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[Los Angeles] — Today, President Obama is expected to announce an executive order on immigration. As national dialogue focuses on the importance of immigrants in today’s society, Young Invincibles’ has released a memo, detailing just how many young immigrants in the Golden State lack health insurance, and why insurance is so critical not just to their health, but to California’s economy.

Attached is the memo that provides these facts, along with the Young Invincibles’ game plan to educate and enroll young immigrants in health coverage plans statewide, and to urge state leaders to expand health access for all undocumented individuals. Hundreds of thousands of young immigrants lack health insurance. This Open Enrollment, Young Invincibles – focusing its educational and advocacy efforts in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento – will work aggressively to change that.

Linda Leu, California Policy and Research Director at Young Invincibles, addressing today’s outlook for young undocumented Californians, said:

“Young undocumented Californians represent a significant portion of the state’s population and workforce, and will be an indispensable part of the state’s future. Yet hundreds of thousands lack access to the most basic health coverage necessary to live productive lives. Young Invincibles calls upon California policymakers to consider this vital need as President Obama prepares to announce an executive order on Immigration. This Open Enrollment season, Young Invincibles will continue working with Governor Brown and state legislative leaders to move forward with expanding coverage for all Californians, so that our state can continue to lead the way on health care reform.”

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