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How my under-26 year old son is helped by the Affordable Care Act right now

Originally Posted on on March 21, 2011

My 21 year old is taking a year off from school. He is having to pay back school loans from the first year. He works a full-time job with a small business.

He cannot afford health insurance on his own, and we cannot afford to pay for it for him.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, we were able to add him onto my company’s policy. We were also able to stave off any premium increases, again, thanks to ACA. Health care reform has given us a sense of security that we all needed at a time when I have not had a pay increase in 2 years.

He is fortunate enough to be relatively healthy. But my husband and I are grateful to have the burden of him being uninsured off of our shoulders, especially when the economy is so depressed.

To members of Congress I say, please keep America moving forward and do NOT repeal the Affordable Care Act!

Tracy Muñoz, a MomsRising member in Norfolk, Virginia, is the proud mother of five children.

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