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ENROLL Act Reinvests in Expert, Unbiased Enrollment Support to Help Consumers Get Covered

Today, Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) and 20 co-sponsors introduced the Expand Navigators’ Resources for Outreach, Learning, and Longevity (ENROLL) Act, which would make health coverage more accessible to all Americans by reinvesting in the important work of the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) Navigator program. Funding for this critical program has been cut by 84 percent under the Trump administration over the past two years.

Following the introduction on the ENROLL Act in the Senate, Erin Hemlin, Health Policy and Advocacy Director for Young Invincibles, issued the following statement:

“We commend Senator Baldwin and her twenty colleagues who continue the fight for the restoration of the ACA’s Navigator program, which ensures uninsured young people have access to the expert, unbiased resources they need to make an informed coverage decision.

While overall enrollment in the ACA marketplace has remained steady, we’ve seen a 50 percent drop in new enrollments over the past two years. This means that while returning consumers are re-enrolling in coverage, new enrollees — like young people who age off their parent’s plan — are slipping through the cracks.

Navigators, many of whom have worked with underserved communities and those with complicated cases since the first enrollment period, can help fill this enrollment gap. But this administration has chosen to do whatever it can to weaken the ACA, even when it means cutting support for those who need it most. Thankfully, there are 21 Senators standing up to these cruel and arbitrary funding cuts.

We are grateful to Senator Baldwin for continuing to lead the call to invest in this program and prioritizing the long term physical, mental, and financial health of all young adults. We urge leaders from both sides of the aisle to do the same and support this bill.”

Young Invincibles joins 63 other leading health care organizations in supporting the ENROLL Act. You can read a full list of organizations supporting the ENROLL Act here.