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Congress Needs to Pass the Alexander-Murray Deal to Stop the Sabotage & Protect Millennials’ Health Care


October 17, 2017

Contact: Allie Aguilera,, 202.734.6529

[WASHINGTON]–After months of reckless repeal bills and sabotage, today, Senators Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Patty Murray (D-WA) announced a bipartisan deal to bring stability to the health care markets. Reports suggest that key components of the deal include:

  • Congressional authorization for making cost-sharing reduction payments through 2019.
  • Restoring $106 million in enrollment outreach funding for states to utilize for 2018 and 2019. In the event states do not spend this money on enrollment outreach, HHS shall spend that money in those states.
  • Provides authority and funding for states to establish reinsurance programs.
  • Allows consumers over 30 to enroll in catastrophic coverage, however the deal continues the prohibition on taxpayers underwriting these policies by banning premium tax credits from being used to purchase catastrophic coverage.
  • Allows states to push through 1332 waivers more quickly by limiting public review of proposed changes. Modifications to state waivers would have to maintain comparable affordability for consumers, particularly for low-income individuals and people with pre-existing conditions. States could also adjust the budget neutrality guardrail to extend the window to multiple years.

Young Invincibles’ Acting Executive Director Rory O’Sullivan released the following statement on the reported bipartisan deal:

“The American people have spent the better part of the past year fearful of losing coverage altogether and pleading for Republicans and Democrats in Congress to work together to improve health care. This bipartisan deal finally breaks the partisan logjam. It maintains essential consumer protections, particularly for low-income people and those with pre-existing conditions, and financial assistance for consumers benefiting from the ACA. Furthermore, the deal reverses President Trump’s cuts to outreach funding, which is essential for helping young adults who are less likely to receive personal assistance in completing the enrollment process. The deal is not perfect. For example it would make low-quality, high-deductible plans more widely available. However, on balance, the bipartisan effort would make it easier for young people to afford and enroll in coverage in 2018. Congress should pass it swiftly.”