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Congress Must Pass the DREAM Act By the End of the Year

November 3, 2017

Contact: Allie Aguilera,, 202-734-6529

Washington, D.C. — Yesterday, President Trump and Senate Republicans agreed during a closed door meeting not to include the DREAM Act, or any other legislative provision that would provide a clear solution for DACA recipients, in a year end spending bill. If these reports are true, President Trump, who has previously said he wants to treat DREAMers  “with heart,” has once again backtracked on his own statements to the detriment of millions of young immigrants living in legal limbo. Even more disheartening is the stance of Senate Republicans — many of whom have spoken about the need to solve this problem.

More than one in seven Millennials were born outside of the United States. Young Invincibles stands with DREAMers, our peers, friends, and neighbors, in calling for the passage of a clean DREAM Act by the end of the year.

“In September, the President pulled the rug out from under 800,000 DACA recipients, young people who have been pursuing education, serving in our military, and contributing to our economy for years, and passed the buck to Congress,” said Allie Aguilera, Young Invincibles’ Press Secretary. “This year, we have seen real progress towards a permanent legislative solution for DREAMers in the form of the DREAM Act, a bipartisan, bicameral bill that is ready to go to the floor now. We urge Republican leadership to listen to the overwhelming majority of Americans and a majority voters of their own party and stand with these young people that are bettering our country as a whole, by passing the DREAM Act now.”