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Comment on the Proposed Removal of Question 12 of American Community Survey

Department of Commerce
Attn: Jennifer Jessup
Departmental Paperwork Clearance Officer
14th and Constitution Avenue N., Room 6616
Washington, DC 20230

Proposed Information Collection; Comment Request; The American Community Survey
Content Review Results

Dear Ms. Jessup:

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the content review results of the American Community Survey (ACS) and the proposed removal of questions. We appreciate the Department of Commerce’s efforts to reduce burden on survey respondents by weighing the benefits and costs of questions included in the survey. The ACS is an important instrument for measuring the economic and social conditions in this country, and soliciting public input on changes is appropriate and necessary.

However, we have concerns over the Department’s assessment of Question No. 12 asking respondents to “print below the specific major(s) of any BACHELOR’S DEGREES this person has received.” We cannot agree that Question No. 12 qualifies as a “low benefit” question. We strongly urge the Department to commit to retaining this question in all future editions of the ACS.

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