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Colorado Young Leaders Ask You to Give Back This Holiday Season

Tuesday, December 6, is Colorado Gives Day, Colorado’s largest day of giving where Coloradans are coming together to celebrate the nonprofits that make our communities strong. Hear directly from our program participants in our Colorado office about why you should support our work!

Karen Le (she/her)


In a state where there is very little BIPOC visibility, it was affirming and magical to have the opportunity to participate in Young Invincibles as an intern. This organization not only educates young people on how to advocate for themselves, create community change, and learn about policy but…Young Invincibles gives those who identify as minorities in the United States a brave space that many of us might not have experienced, otherwise, in a state that caters to dominant identities. YI helps foster the belief and reality that diversity must be prioritized for substantial change, unity, and justice to happen. Because that’s just it: Diversity is the reality of the human experience – YI does not pretend it’s not.

It is necessary to support an organization like Young Invincibles, because they help remind young people that Hope is not simply some abstract thought. And Dreams do not come into fruition by chance. It’s Young Advocates who are the Hope that realizes the greatest Dreams we often write or paint or talk about in this country. It’s them, it’s us.

Kimmy (Kim- Phung) Van (she/her)

image4Being a part of YI has been such a wonderful experience. I have been able to learn so much about policies and the unmet needs of other people. YI has made me understand the importance of legislation and the importance of voter participation. In order to make a difference, we have to use our voices and share our stories. I am so grateful for all the people I’ve met and experiences I’ve had in Young Invincible.

Lluvia Rodriguez (she/her)

Lluvia Lara Rodriguez headshotI’ve had the most eye-opening experience with Young Invincibles, it’s been nothing but a breath of fresh air. I learned some of the best advice and have created some powerful connections. I believe everyone deserves to have Young Invincibles as part of their lives because it truly gives young adults a platform where they can express themselves, share struggles, and grow into strong advocates. Young Invincibles has helped me get out of my comfort zone and has reminded me how fundamental it is to know what is occurring not only around our daily lives, but getting involved in our community and state wide. As young adults we can get distracted from what is important and can determine our future, that’s why it’s essential having Young Invincibles because it has been like having my personal teacher. They will be there to answer questions, support you and push you to accomplish bigger things. A nonprofit organization who wants to see you be successful, and will constantly be rooting for you until the end of the race. They have helped me become more confident in who I am and what I can accomplish by sharing my story with other first generation students.

Onnastasia Cole (she/her)

Onnastasia Cole headshotBeing in the Young Advocates Program has taught me how to share my story with confidence and empowered me to become more involved with issues that are important to me and my community. Having the opportunity to learn from experts in public policy, storytelling, and community organizing has opened my eyes and helped me realize the power of sharing our lived experiences and coming together to fight for a brighter, more equitable future. I believe the skills and experiences I’ve gained through this program will benefit me throughout my career and have a positive ripple effect well into the future. As a first-generation college student who used to wonder if public policy was for someone like me, I’m deeply grateful for all the staff, presenters, and donors who made this paid leadership program possible and taught me how to share my voice.

Samuel Flores (he/him)

Samuel Flores headshotYoung Invincibles has completely changed how I view myself, my voice, and the impact that I can have on my community. When I entered the program, I was unsure of how to create meaningful change that could truly make a difference. I leave the program confident in my ability to advocate for myself and others, and with the knowledge of how to have an active role in the policy making process. I am so thankful for the training and support that Young Invincibles provided for me; their dedication to uplifting young voices is remarkable.

Tayla Kelly (she/her)


Generosity is how opportunities are created and leveraged to those passionate about its works. Giving to Young Invincibles will sustain positive experiences, tangible opportunities, and professional development for young community leaders. I feel honored every time I engage with Young Invincibles staff and partners. My experience as an intern has built my confidence and nurtured my passion for policy not just in Colorado but nationally.

Vashti Trujillo (she/her)

Vashti Trujillo headshotBeing a part of the Young Advocates Program with Young Invincibles has made me feel so hopeful and confident. Being passionate about so much going on in the world but never quite knowing how to help, I felt like I was useless. Young Invincibles is an incredible group that are passionate about getting the voices of those that are ignored or underrepresented heard. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to meet other passionate youth, incredible staff, and knowledgeable guest speakers. They all have taught me so many professional and personal skills that I may have never learned if not for Young Invincibles. I finally feel like my story matters. They have given me platforms and resources that will let me tell my story and empower others to do the same. Young Invincibles should be supported as they are a bridge for Young people to get involved with social issues and teach them skills that will help them in every aspect of their lives. is your one-stop shop for supporting Colorado’s nonprofits, including Young Invincibles–All year round! Just visit, look us up, and add us as a favorite nonprofit of yours.

Don’t forget, every gift is tax-deductible!