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Colorado: COVID-19 Resources

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Colorado: State & National Resources

Last Updated: 12/11/20

This is a running document that will continue to be updated by the Colorado Young Advocates. Please email YI’s Rocky Mountain Engagement Manager if you have any questions or additional resources you would like added:

Back to school tips for college students

FAFSA Application

COVID vaccine resources


  • If you did not see this hashtag as of yet, please start using it in those instances where you or someone you know is “doing my part” to stop the spread of coronavirus or finding a way to better yourself at this time.

For Colorado College Students

  • Our partners at the Colorado Department of Higher Education put together a webpage which summarizes many resources available to campuses including state guidance to IHEs, accreditation, changes to institutional practices, and much more. They. also provide links to institution/campus webpages on COVID-19 information
  • Moving discounts

Emergency Grants for Colorado College Students

*Please reach out to your institution directly if you do not see your college listed*

Inform Yourself & Stay Up to Date

Economic Hardship Help

Rent & Utility Help

Resources for College Students Experiencing Homelessness

Student Loan Borrowers

  • On March 20th, President Trump announced that monthly payments for federal student loan borrowers will be suspended for at least the next two months and without interest or penalties. Governor Polis is requesting that financial institutions consider a 90 day deferment of payment for all consumer loans, including residential and commercial mortgages, refinancing, auto loans, and student loans. Here is additional information and resources on repaying student debt during this time.

Resources for the Uninsured

  • Clinica Colorado’s offerings of telehealth/virtual care for ALL uninsured persons in Colorado – for whatever reason they may be uninsured. VISIT HERE.
  • Center for Health Progress has created a resource list with important information for people without insurance. This list outlines many of the safety net health care clinics in Colorado, as well as information to access information, referrals, and testing. VISIT HERE. SPANISH VERSION HERE.

Medical Help

***please note that it is now advised to not use ibuprofen if infected read more here***

Food Insecurity

Self Care and Mindfulness

Mental Health

Remote Working

Staying Connected

Senior/Elder Resources

  • Meals on Wheels (Senior Hub): Delivery of meals to homebound seniors
  • Senior shopping hours. Stores are dedicating hours for seniors, click here.
  • Show our seniors some love and support. Read 7 ways to boost your loved one’s morale here (provided by AARP).
  • Transportation for seniors. The Denver Regional Mobility and Access Council has transportation options for older adults and individuals with disabilities.
  • Older Adult Resource Directory. An extensive directory of contact information, including benefits, emergency services, meals and health care.
  • Food pantry schedule. A listing of food pantries in the Denver Metro area.
  • Denver Regional Council of Governments Aging and Disability Resources. A collection of resources including guides to in-home healthcare, transportation, and legal assistance.

Want to help others? Need an extra hand?

Freelance Artist Resources

Activities, Ideas & Resources for Kids (& kids at heart) at Home

Immigration Resources

Advocacy, Equity and Justice Resources

Policy Updates

Resources for Health Care Professionals

  • Governor Polis has set up the Emergency Childcare Collaborative to provide childcare for:
    • Health care providers and staff: Doctors, nurses, and all hospital support personnel, including maintenance and janitorial staff
    • Public safety: Police, firefighters, EMT, Department of Corrections.
    • Staff supporting critically at-risk populations: Long-term care facilities, mental health facilities, residential facilities subject to available capacity.
    • To apply, click here. If you are a provider who is willing to open your facility to accommodate these critical workers, click here.

Nature Connection

Outdoor Skills

  • Animated Knots: If you have ever struggled with knots, this is your new go to website.
  • Friction Fire: Starring our friend Robin Blankenship from Earth Knack
  • Gone Feral: Doug Hill has some great posts and videos for learning primitive skills
  • Leave No Trace: LNT has a lot of online videos and resources for treading lightly while exploring the great outdoors.

Environmental Issues and Solutions

Multilingual Resources

  • This link provides editable/printable documents about COVID-19 self-management and self-isolation in various languages.
  • IOM/Italy COVID-19 multilingual leaflet in 26 languages (Amharic, Arabic, Bambara, Bengali, Chinese, Edo, English, Esan-Ishan, French, Fula, Hausa, Igbo, Italian, Kurdish-Sorani, Mandinka, Pashto, Pidgin, Romanian, Russian, Somali, Soninke, Spanish, Tigrinya, Urdu, Wolof and Yoruba) – HERE.
  • The Center for Victims of Torture has compiled a list of mental health resources, in multiple languages, on how to cope with the added stress and isolation. Flyers in a variety of languages are posted HERE.
  • Check Switchboard frequently, as multilingual COVID-19 resources are being compiled and added frequently – HERE.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – translated print materials – HERE.

More Resources