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Celebrating 2018 Grads

GradsGraduation season is here! As a moment of celebration, it is also a great time for students to reflect on the experience they have had & who helped them reach this incredible milestone. Here are some of those perspectives on who they have to thank:

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“Mom, and my sibling, nieces and nephew. United Nations’ NGOs” – Dayana Perez, City College of New York

Parents provided financial & emotional support! – Meg Bailey, University of Denver

“Student Support Services” – Alicia Smith, Old Dominion University

Student Government Association gave me the tools and experiences needed to succeed.

– Samer Hassan, Harlod Washington College

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My fiancé, he was a huge support for me.” – Kayla McLoughlin, Methodist University

Definitely the advisor for the Greater Texas Foundation scholarship at UH, Dr. Kennedy. She offered me so much individual support, and the group meetings she organized helped me feel like a part of a group not just another student at university. The first two years of college were difficult, especially being a first generation student, but she was amazingly patient, and truly one of the most helpful individuals I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I am very grateful for her and the scholar program for getting me through the hardest two years of my college career.” – Karen Mejia, University of Houston

“Even with increasing enrollment, my school was able to keep classes at a good ratio where students were able to be involved, teachers were able to continue being a great resource to their students, and I didn’t just feel like a number.”

– Kevion Ellis, University of Northern Colorado

Everyone in the program was so nice and fun to work with!” – Kylie Dennis, Metropolitan State University of Denver

My parents helped me greatly in getting to graduation, because they provided the support necessary to ease my financial burdens, which allowed me to focus on my school work.” – Matthew Thompson, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

“My daughter.” – Lakrista Cummings, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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