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FY18 Budget Opens the Door to Tax Reform at the Expense of Cuts to Programs Benefiting Young People

October 26, 2017 
Contact: Sarah Schultz,, 202-734-6510

[WASHINGTON] – Today, the House narrowly passed an FY2018 budget resolution, which paves the way forward for tax reform. The budget resolution will allow the Senate to pass tax legislation using a 50-vote threshold under reconciliation. The budget resolution also includes $1.3 trillion in cuts to ACA subsidies and Medicaid, programs that have proved essential to reducing the young adult uninsured rate.

Young Invincibles’ Government Affairs Director, Reid Setzer, issued the following statement:

“The FY2018 budget process opens up the door for a major revamp of our tax system, while opening the door to reckless cuts to health programs and higher education benefits families rely on. Plans for tax reform raise significant questions about how this will help young adults gain an economic foothold, and we urge Congress not to craft a bill on the backs of our cash-strapped generation. To help young people, who are more likely to be low-income, Congress should target assistance to those who need it most like young parents, students, and those with the lowest incomes. Congress has already demonstrated that doing business out of regular order and on a partisan basis doesn’t work, which is why any changes to the tax code should be vetted in public hearings, receive a Congressional Budget Office score, and not rely on budget gimmicks that conceal the true impact of proposed policy changes.”

Young Invincibles will be releasing a set of recommendations on how the tax code can be reformed to enhance young people’s ability to afford higher education and achieve financial security in the coming weeks