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#BlackLivesMatter: Is Our Health Care System Fundamentally Racist?

“According to data from Young Invincibles, a policy group focused on health care reform for young adults, African-Americans ages 18 to 34 have, historically, been disproportionately uninsured — and one of the populations most significantly impacted by the Affordable Care Act (or ACA, known by many colloquially as Obamacare). Since the implementation of ACA, about half a million young African-Americans have gained access to health insurance because they are now able to remain on their parents’ plan through age 26. An additional 1.8 million uninsured young adult African-Americans could be eligible for tax credits for lower premiums and an additional 1.7 million could be eligible for free or low-cost Medicaid coverage if all states were to participate in the ACA’s Medicaid expansion program (currently just 27 do).” Read more here at Yahoo Health.