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Biden Administration Extends Repayment Pause

December 22, 2021
Contact: Juan Ramiro Sarmiento
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Biden-Harris Administration Extends Repayment Pause

(Washington, DC) – Today, President Biden extended the pause on federal student loan payments through May 1, 2022, in response to calls from young people, borrowers, and advocates concerned about the changing circumstances of the Covid pandemic.

In response, Ernest Ezeugo, Higher Education, Workforce Policy and Advocacy Director for Young Invincibles issued the following response.

“We are glad to see the Biden-Harris administration listen to young people and take decisive action to extend relief to student loan borrowers and their families by extending the pause on student loan repayment. This extension recognizes the urgency of this moment. As the Omicron variant changes the landscape of the pandemic and important relief provisions like the expanded Child Tax Credits expire, every step taken to help young people weather this health and economic crisis is critical.

This repayment pause has been a lifeline for borrowers, providing the financial flexibility for borrowers to afford other bills like rent, car loans, and medicine, among other expenses. We encourage the Biden-Harris administration to take more permanent action by fulfilling their campaign promise of broad student debt cancellation.

Student debt remains a crisis in this country. Today’s actions show the Biden-Harris administration knows this, and what they do next will dictate their legacy on the economic wellbeing of young people and the nation.”