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Basic Needs – Mental Health in New York

Trying to Survive and Thrive in College

Surviving and thriving in college can be challenging for everyone, but for those struggling with mental illness, it can be exceptionally difficult. My symptoms often disrupt my sleep patterns, leading to difficulties in completing assignments and participating in classes. There are days when getting out of bed or accomplishing anything feels impossible, let alone writing a five-page paper. Constantly experiencing fight-or-flight responses exacerbates these symptoms, making it even harder to focus on academic success.

When I’m grappling with these overwhelming symptoms, my priority is simply to get through each day rather than thriving in school. Without support from my university, I doubt I would be able to graduate. It’s crucial for individuals dealing with mental health concerns to have access to medication, therapy, understanding from peers and professors, and overall support from their institution.

To ensure that everyone can thrive in university, it’s essential to prioritize their ability to support themselves and cope with their challenges first. Providing comprehensive support systems for mental health is vital for creating an environment where all students can succeed academically and personally.

Anonymous young adult