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All I Want Is a Healthy Holiday

Dear Mom and Dad,

I know what you are thinking, I have been such a good daughter this year that it’s been impossible to come up with a really great holiday gift idea for me. I know you’re wondering, what gift could possibly be good enough for your baby, your precious child, your proudest achievement?  Well don’t worry. I’m here to help you brainstorm.

Remember last winter when I was sick with the flu, my fever spiked over 100, I got super dehydrated, thought I was dying and rushed to the emergency room?  Or what about that time I had that little run in with that U-Haul truck and broke my leg?  And then there was that time I had to go to the clinic to check out my… I mean, never mind, scratch that last one.  Anyway, you paid for all of that. So thank you. Without insurance, I’ve always relied on you and credit cards…then you again, to pay for health care.

What I am trying to say is that I have a perfect gift idea that will help me and save you money.  Wondering what this perfect gift is? A pledge to help me get health insurance of course! Covered California has this really awesome pledge for family members, like you, so you can commit to help get your loved ones (me!) covered.  Check it out at!

Once you’ve made the pledge, we can shop together for great plans at Covered California, California’s own health care marketplace. We can shop online ( or we can talk with a representative at 800-300-1506. It’s a win-win situation really – after we get me all signed up I won’t have to ask for help with hospital bills, you don’t have to help me pay the fine for not having health insurance, and you get the peace of mind that your precious child will have all of her health needs taken care of (that’s actually win-win-win, not that I’m counting).

Want to know another great thing about this gift? You don’t have to leave home to buy it! I know you hate the lines at the mall, so this is really perfect. You should probably share the pledge with Uncle Doug and Aunt Trina, I want to make sure all my cousins get covered too!

This is a great idea, right? I can’t wait to work with you to get insurance! And I promise, I will still act surprised when I see your pledge.

I love you!  See you in a few weeks.


Your favorite daughter

P.S. Can you pick me up at the airport?  My flight gets in at noon. Thanks!