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Alexander’s Proposals Fail to Address Young People’s Needs

Yesterday, Senator Lamar Alexander released a piecemeal proposal to address a variety of challenges facing students as they struggle throughout the process of applying for, affording, and completing a higher education. The proposals would impact the FAFSA, Pell Grant applicant eligibility, and how Pell awards can be spent, among other obstacles facing today’s students.

In response to Sen. Alexander’s proposal, Rachel Fleischer, Executive Director of Young Invincibles, released the following statement:

“While Senator Alexander claims to have students’ best interests at heart, his bill falls dramatically short of what young people need as they struggle to afford a higher education. 

Some of Sen. Alexander’s ideas have merit and would be a welcome addition to a more comprehensive HEA reauthorization, but today’s students deserve way more from Congress. Today’s students face a unique set of challenges and this package of proposals wouldn’t give the most diverse generation in history the support they need as they face skyrocketing tuition costs, confusing financial aid systems, and restrictive financial aid eligibility requirements. Congress must make higher education more affordable and accessible for every young person by passing a comprehensive reauthorization of the HEA immediately.”