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3 Ways To Be Great Today With Obamacare

By Spencer Dixon

Call us generation vibrant.  We party (too) hard sometimes, play intense games of kickball, and yes, we get injured or sick — more often than we’d like to admit. So most young people generally agree – we need health coverage and we worry about paying for needed care. And we update the world about all of this online, as it’s happening. (Share this blog if you’ve seen some version of the Facebook status update: “At the ER, got hit with a softball!”).

So with open enrollment for Obamacare starting October 1st, Young Invincibles teamed up with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to host the Healthy Young America online video contest. This isn’t your mom’s contest (sorry mom, though you can try too).  With a prize pool worth up to $30,000, over 100 prizes to be won, and hilarious categories, you do not want to miss out.

Check out the three different contest themes below.

1) You Are Not Invincible:


Source via Documenting Reality.

Calling all aspiring directors. The ‘You Are Not Invincible’ theme lets you to show off your creative and wacky side. Videos should be a short skit that shows a time when a young person would need health insurance. Accidents happen. Just ask Scarlet; I can only hope she had health insurance after this infamous wipeout. Entrants are encouraged to go big but stay safe!

2) Perform a Song:


Source via Imgur.

Or if you’re more musically inclined, the ‘Perform a Song’ theme may be your fit. Write a song about health insurance or even create the next viral parody. I’m curious if anyone will put a cowbell into their health care song.

3) Animation


Source via Tumblr.

Or if you have serious computer animation skills, you could create an engaging, informative video about critical facts of Obamacare. Remember how great these were in helping remember history?

Your participation in the contest is about more than the opportunity to win money to help pay off those pesky student loans; this is your chance to help your friends and other young people learn about their new health insurance options.  Over 19 million young adults (ages 18-34) across the country lack basic health insurance. Changes this fall will open up new opportunities for our generation to purchase coverage they and their families need.

Help get the word out, be a part of the solution, and win some cash!

You’ve got less than five weeks to enter your video, so get started now! For more information, visit