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100 Day Plan For Young America By Young Americans

Today, a coalition of diverse organizations including the National Network for Youth, Pay Our Interns Action, Sunrise Movement, Roosevelt Network, UnidosUS, and Young Invincibles released a 100 Day Plan for Young America for a renewed Administration and the 117th United States Congress.

The plan focuses on the most urgent problems confronting young people and proposes policy change across major sectors of society: Health Care, Education, Economy, Housing and Homelessness, Immigration, and Environment. For many young people, the American Dream seems unattainable, and the COVID-19 global pandemic and economic recession is further cementing that belief. The long-term health and success of the nation rests on our ability to improve the material reality of everyday young people and restoring their faith in the American Dream.

This plan has been endorsed by Advocates for Youth, Association of Young Americans, Blue Future, National Black Justice Coalition, National Education Association, Platform Women, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Student Voice, and URGE: Unite for Reproductive and Gender Equity. The endorsement of the 100 Day Plan For Young America demonstrates solidarity within our movement and a recognition of the urgency of these policies.

You can find the official 100 Day Plan for Young America, here.

National Network for Youth

“No young person in America should experience one day of homelessness. This 100-day plan makes clear recommendations that would drastically improve access to services and housing for youth at-risk of and experiencing homelessness. We can and must do better.” – Darla Bardine, Executive Direction, National Network for Youth

Pay Our Interns Action

“We need a comprehensive economic strategy that will reduce youth unemployment and create new job opportunities for young people. This includes ensuring every internship is paid, instituting workplace protections for interns, and creative approaches to creating new internship and jobs programs.” – Carlos Mark Vera, co-founder and Executive Director of Pay Our Interns

Roosevelt Network

“From climate change to housing justice — and every issue tackled by this 100-day plan — young people understand the urgency of action and have already been leading movements and policy change across every level of government. We hope that in 2021, the administration will demonstrate leadership and rewrite policy to reflect the needs and interests of young people.” – Katie Kirchner, National Director, Roosevelt Network

Sunrise Movement

“This election is a matter of survival for our generation. The science is clear: we have a very narrow chance to reverse course and avert the worst of the climate crisis. Our generation is mobilizing by the millions to deliver a clear and urgent mandate for the next Congress and Administration to get to work on the Green New Deal on Day 1. Through passing elements of this 100-day plan and tackling the climate crisis at the scale science demands, we can combat systemic racial and economic injustice and create millions of good-paying jobs for our communities.” – Lauren Maunus, Legislative Manager, Sunrise Movement

Young Invincibles

“As demonstrated by the coalition of diverse movements that partnered to produce the 100-day plan, young people are not waiting to be saved, they are taking their future and the future of this nation into their own hands. Today, young people are standing together to demand clear and bold policy action to address the longstanding systemic inequity that threatens the livelihoods of young America. Not only are these policies urgently needed — they are absolutely attainable.” – Jesse Barba, Senior Director of External Affairs, Young Invincibles