Time to #GetCovered during Open Enrollment in the new Health Insurance Marketplaces!

The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived: young Americans can now enroll into more affordable health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplaces.  The Marketplaces are a revolutionary way to shop for insurance – you can compare costs and benefits, find out if you are eligible for new tax credits you can apply immediately when you purchase a plan, and know that you are guaranteed coverage.  Over 19 million Americans ages 18-34 do not have health coverage, and are at risk of going without necessary health services and facing massive medical bills.  Now, Americans have access to a brand new way to purchase more affordable coverage.

Can we count on you to help us get the word out to young adults about their new options for coverage?  In addition to liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter, we have several fun, easy ways to reach out to young folks online!

Make your voice heard and help your friends win!  VOTE in our Healthy Young America Video Contest!


We have some FANTASTIC video submissions for our Healthy Young America Video Contest! Check out www.healthyyoungamerica.org to video the submissions and vote for your favorites–up to three times a day!  Be sure to vote today–the voting period will close on Monday, November 11th!

Sample tweets:

  • Ready to get your vote on? Pick your favorite videos in the #HYAvideocontest!: www.healthyyoungamerica.org
  • You have just # days to vote in the #HYAvideocontest! Help your friends win some $$$!: www.healthyyoungamerica.org
  • Check out these awesome videos entered in the #HYAvideocontest, and vote!: www.healthyyoungamerica.org
  • Film critic? Movie buff? Vote on your favorite flicks in the #HYAvideocontest: www.healthyyoungamerica.org

Sample Facebook posts:

  • Do you like to vote? So do we. Head on over to the Healthy Young America Video Contest and vote for your favorite flicks. www.healthyyoungamerica.org
  • Help out some talented filmmakers, animators and songwriters win some cash. Go to the Healthy Young America Video Contest and vote on your favorites in each category!: www.healthyyoungamerica.org
  • America’s got talent! Check out the submissions to the Healthy Young America Video Contest and vote on your favorite film in three categories – short film, animation and songwriting! What’s not to love about that? www.healthyyoungamerica.org

Change your profile pic to show you’re covered!

Enroll America, one of our partner organizations, has created a great Facebook profile picture! Several organizations are going to use this image as their Facebook profile picture starting October 1 to show a united front for health care coverage—you should, too! You can even pick your favorite colors!


It’s National Health Education Week (October 21-25) – share our Healthy Young America infographics!

We will be rolling out these infographics during National Public Health Education Week, October 21- 25. We will also be participating in a Twitter chat hosted by The Society for Public Health Education on Monday, October 21 at 2PM ET. Use #NHEW2013 to join in the fun!

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for new content all week. If you just can’t wait for the roll-out, check out the infographics here:

umbrella1 umbrella2 umbrella3



Get the facts out about young adults and health insurance through these handy infographics!  Here are some sample tweets and Facebook posts to share with these images, just in case you are stumped.

Sample tweets:

  • Are you ready for your state’s #healthinsurance marketplace? Get informed! www.healthcare.gov #GetCovered
  • #Obamacare will offer millennials reduced-cost options for #healthcare: www.healthcare.gov #GetCovered
  • Ready to shop … for #healthcare? #GetCovered, visit: www.healthcare.gov
  • Want to #GetCovered? Check out your state’s #healthcare affordable options! www.healthcare.gov

Sample Facebook posts:

  • #GetCovered this fall! Have you checked out your state’s health insurance marketplace? They open on October 1st for enrollment, so mark your calendars! www.healthcare.gov
  • Are you ready for your state’s health insurance marketplace? Get informed on your options and make sure you #getcovered this year. www.healthcare.gov
  • Do you know your options to #getcovered? Check out www.healthcare.gov and shop around – not as exciting as shopping for shoes, but hey – it’s still shopping!
  • Young people have more options than ever before when it comes to getting covered. Check out your state’s health insurance marketplace and figure out what option works best for you!: www.healthcare.gov
  • You ready to #getcovered? Head on over to your state’s health insurance marketplace and make it happen TODAY: www.healthcare.gov

Are you ready for some football?  What’s your game plan to #GetCovered?

We’ve been celebrating Open Enrollment AND everyone’s favorite fall activity: football! Throughout the fall, we shared the below images on Facebook and Twitter–help us continue to get the word out about new, more affordable health care options by sharing these images with your friends and followers!






Thank you for helping Young America #GetCovered!

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