Southern Office

Our Southern Office, located in Houston, works to lift up the youth voice around the economic challenges facing young adults in Texas and across the South, and to identify and fight for policy solutions that address those challenges.Health Care
Our Healthy Young America campaign focuses on education and awareness of the new health insurance marketplaces across the South, but particularly in Texas. With approximately 6.4 million uninsured residents, Texas has the highest uninsured population in the US. Of those uninsured, 39% are millenials. Young Invincibles engages with community groups, health advocates, colleges, and young people themselves to reverse these numbers and help promote a young, healthy, and insured Texas.

Higher Education
The YI Southern Office is working to raise the voices of students in Texas to advocate for a higher education system that works for students, and doesn’t leave them burdened with unmanageable debt. The Student Impact Project focuses on educating students on the state budget process and public finance of higher education, and on empowering students to advocate for state higher education policy that works for them.

Stay tuned for our upcoming campaigns to take on youth unemployment!

Young Invincibles’ Southern Office is located at 401 Branard St., Suite 115, Houston, TX 77006

For more information, call (713) 800-0805 or email Jose Sanchez, Southern Regional Director

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