Your Guide to Getting Health Coverage for 2016

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Everyone needs health coverage. We’re here to help!

Starting on November 1, 2015: you get to enroll in affordable health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplaces. Use this page as your guide to choose a plan that’s best for you! We all face medical bills at one time or another; don’t go without insurance!

2016 healthy young america playbook


the Healthy Young America Playbook is our resource for young adults, looking for a guide on how to get covered in 2016!

 ROADMAPS TO COVERAGEWhen it comes to health care, every state is different. Check out this national guide, and visit HYA to find roadmaps for your state!  RENEWING YOUR PLANDid you sign up for health coverage last year? We break down the steps to re-enroll with our guide to renew your plan.
 FAQsOur FAQs page contains answers from our policy experts on the toughest questions you’re facing during the Open Enrollment period.  GLOSSARYConfused about a health care term? Doing research about your coverage options? Our glossary contains a running list of words you will run into while searching for affordable health care.
 FOR ADVOCATESIf you’re an assister or advocate, follow this link for your very own page of helpful resources!  VISIT HYAFurther resources for consumers and advocates can be found on our Healthy Young America site.
YOUNG ADULTS IN THE JUSTICE SYSTEMDiscover your health care options if you were or currently are a young incarcerated adult. THE ACA AND YOUR TAXESCheck out this flowchart to help you figure out how to fill out your taxes if you did (or didn’t) get covered in 2014!

Already Covered? Visit our Advocates page, or share these graphics on social media to help spread the word about why, financially, it makes sense to get covered! Click for full resolution!

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